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What do we need to put on a show?

Besides the obvious - a theatre, a script, actors, dancers, musicians, technicians, etc., you'll probably need to source scenery, costumes, make up wigs, props, tickets, publicity printing, lighting, special effects, sound equipment and more. In other words you'll need to source things from stage suppliers. 

How can the TTA help?

The TTA is a Trade Association with members in many trade sectors supplying to Amateur Theatre. They also run a Help Line! Phone the helpline number for unlimited help with anything to do with staging your shows.

  • How do I light a ghost - through a gauze cloth? 

  • Can UV paint affect allergies?

  • What are the rules for Blank Firing Guns on Stage?

  • Where do I get a fight arranger?

  • Will scenery suppliers just supply a backcloth or do I have to have the full stage set?

  • Where do I get the 'special' costumes for Beauty and the Beast?

  • Can you recommend someone to both supply and fit a trapeze?

  • Do they also train the girl to go on the trapeze? 


All the companies in the TTA, are owned and run by or have on their staff people who themselves are involved with theatre. Their wealth of knowledge and the experience available is vast. With all your production problems simply contact the TTA Help Line Number 0345 126 0631. We are here to help, please talk to us! 

Theatrical Traders Association

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